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Dear Parents & Carers


We are getting an increase in reported positive LFT results across all year groups in school and these are then reporting as positive PCR tests.

Having risk assessed the situation this morning and following updated Covid guidance; we feel we have no other option but to close the school at lunchtime today.

FSM Students can collect a lunch before they leave and all students who travel on school buses will be kept in school until the end of day, unless you make other arrangements for them.

Staff will be at the train station to supervise students at the station.

Students who are collected at the end of the school day may remain in school until you are able to come and collect them.

I sincerely regret this decision so near to the end of term but our priority is to keep everyone as safe as possible as Covid is now spreading in the local community and school.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Yvonne Watkins and the Leadership Team


Bourne student's American football training.

"I started playing 6 years ago and got into American football by watching a game at Wembley. I train on the weekends, every weekend and my aim is to compete in the National Football League".
Miles R

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Dear Parents & Carers

I regret that COVID and sickness are hitting our staff and as a result, I am going to have to ask that some year groups stay at home for the next few days with online learning set by my teachers.

This is the plan for next week:

Monday 24th January - Year 9/10 to be taught at home with online lessons set by teachers.
Tuesday 25th January - Year 7/8 to be taught at home with online lessons set by teachers.
Wednesday 26th January -Year 7/8 to be taught at home with online lessons set by teachers.

Work will be available on Go4Schools.