Students have been busy harvesting peas, strawberries, beans, carrots, sweetcorn, courgettes and other fresh fruit and vegetables from our little garden at The Place. The wild flower patch is in full bloom and really colourful with poppies, cornflowers and some ‘nearly ready’ sunflowers!
A baby frog has been spotted in the pond which was really exciting as it is from the frogspawn that was donated in the spring.   The bird feeders keep the volunteers busy with restocking the seed and fat balls.
A big thank you to the Friends of Bourne, Chidham and Hambrook Parish Council and the Friends of Emsworth Community Health for the generous donations which have enabled our students to continue their learning outdoors.


Friday 15th July, Year 10 presented their speeches for their English Language GCSE. The day went smoothly with presentations ranging from Climate Change and Health, to Gun Crime and Gaming. It was really lovely to hear about things that interest our students.
Well done Year 10!
On the 20th July, Bourne community college hosted sports day with explosive energy and lots of competitiveness. All students had an amazing time taking part in the different sporting activities the PE Department had organised.

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GCSE Results Day 2022