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24 May 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

We are doing all we can to ensure our students have an optimum learning experience whilst at the Bourne Community College. To support this and be in line with other schools we have decided to change our Mobile Phone Policy to improve our learning environment during the whole time students are in school and build student resilience and independence.

As a result we are saying –

  • No mobile phones are allowed out on the school site, in class and/or break or lunch times
  • Students must keep them in the bottom of their bags or in their lockers – switched off

This will ensure that students are not distracted in lessons or using their phones inappropriately. Our new Mobile Phone Policy is on the College website and we want to reassure you that we have consulted with both students, staff and parents in drawing up this policy.

For your information we have put the following in place to support the new policy –

  • From September students will have a planner, so communication etc. can be written in them for parents, staff and students
  • If a student needs to contact home then can do so via their Student Manager
  • If a parent needs to contact their son/daughter they can do so via the Student Manager
    Mrs Tibbetts for Years 10 & 11 – ext 214
    Mrs Hudson for Years 7 & 8 – ext 218
    Mrs Whitlock for Year 9 – ext 223

Please do read the Policy and if you have any queries, please get back to myself or Mrs Murray-Brown. We will introduce this Policy after the half term break and I thank you in advance for your support.


Yours sincerely

Mrs Y Watkins



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