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Dear Parents & Carers

Next Friday, on 17 December, we are having a special celebration and many different activities to celebrate achieving our Gold award for our RRSA Status.

The students will have an extended break time and will finish for the day at 1.05pm and school buses have been arranged to take the students home, for those who use them.  The canteen will be open for food during break time but not at lunch time.  Those students who have a FSM will be able to collect their lunch at break time.

We hope this will be a great end to the term and that the students all enjoy the activities.

In preparation for next term, may I remind you of our expectations regarding the following, so we can all start positively next year –

  • Uniform – full College uniform, with coats, no hoodies. No jewellery or false/painted nails
  • Covid –all students must wear a mask and continue with twice weekly LFTs. Masks must be worn on public transport and school buses
  • Homework – is part of our school, so please encourage your child. If there are issues, please contact the subject leader or teacher so this can be sorted
  • Mobile phones – are not allowed and will be confiscated if a student is found to be using it during the school day
  • Travel to and from school – we are working with British Transport Police to ensure the safety of all our students on the railway platform and trains.
    Please do reinforce the safety message about travelling to and from school and ensure that your child can be seen during these dark evenings and are equipped for cycling, if this is how they travel to school

The last day of term will be a non-uniform day as the Student Councils are raising money for Mount Noddy and the NHS Cenotaph.  Students may wear something Christmas themed or clothes in the colours of the emergency services.  We are asking for a contribution of £1.00 for this.

With thanks for your continued support and wishing you all a restful weekend.

Kind regards

Yvonne Watkins


Bourne student's American football training.

"I started playing 6 years ago and got into American football by watching a game at Wembley. I train on the weekends, every weekend and my aim is to compete in the National Football League".
Miles R

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Dear Parents & Carers

I regret that COVID and sickness are hitting our staff and as a result, I am going to have to ask that some year groups stay at home for the next few days with online learning set by my teachers.

This is the plan for next week:

Monday 24th January - Year 9/10 to be taught at home with online lessons set by teachers.
Tuesday 25th January - Year 7/8 to be taught at home with online lessons set by teachers.
Wednesday 26th January -Year 7/8 to be taught at home with online lessons set by teachers.

Work will be available on Go4Schools.