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Dear Parents and Carers,

As we approach the end of one of the strangest terms we have ever had, I wish you all a very healthy and happy Easter.

A few updates to prepare us all for next term:

Lockdown and Reopening – has gone very well and we are sticking to the Government guidance, and our Bubbles, social distancing and masks.  Students still need a gentle reminder this is the same after school and they must not hang around in the park or local shops after school and remember to wear masks on public transport.

School day timings – will remain the same 8.25 am to 2.30pm

Lates to school – this is becoming more of an issue.  Students need to be back into the school routine for next term and not be late for school or for lessons. We would really appreciate your support on this.

Canteen – we will send out an InTouch message with information about over-spending and how we can improve our service in the Canteen to you, at the beginning of next term.

Uniform – students have been great overall, but they now all need to adhere to the uniform rules of no hoodies/sweatshirts and to turn up every day in the correct uniform.

Equipment – students must bring in all their own equipment for all lessons i.e. stationery, Maths equipment and the correct PE kit.

Testing:  please keep testing your child twice per week over the holidays.  We know the virus may spread more easily over this holiday period with a slight easing of Lockdown and as more people can move around. So please do also test them the weekend before they return.

There are changes to the previous guidance re: test results for Lateral Flow tests which are outlined here:

  • NHS Test and Trace is reintroducing confirmatory PCR tests for positive LFD tests, which means all staff and students who get a positive LFD test, whether at home or supervised at their school or college, should get a confirmatory PCR.
  • The PCR test should be booked immediately either online or by calling 119 and should be undertaken within 2 days.
  • Staff and students who had a positive LFD test result, and their close contacts and other members of their household, should self-isolate immediately in line with guidance and while awaiting the PCR result.
  • If the PCR test is negative, it overrides the LFD test and the staff member, or student can return to school or college, and their close contacts can end their self-isolation.

This overrides advice given earlier in the year when the virus was very active in the community.

Contact tracing over the Easter holidays 

To support the NHS Test and Trace process, senior staff are available for the first 6 days of the Easter holiday to fulfil necessary contact tracing responsibilities, if your child tests positive.

We have asked that:

  • Senior staff are available for the first 6 days of the Easter holiday to fulfil necessary contact tracing responsibilities.
  • Staff, students, parents and carers only inform us of a positive case if either symptoms or a positive home LFD test occurred within 2 days of your child being here in school i.e. up until April 7th. Where this is the case, we will assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in their education setting.
  • Where symptoms or a positive home LFD test occurred more than 2 days since the person was last at their education setting, this does not need to be reported to us but staff, students, parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.

Inset Days – Our last two Inset Days for this year will be Monday 7 June and Friday 23 July 2021.

School trips – we have several exciting trips planned trips for next term, but we are awaiting Government guidance to see if they can run and we will update you as soon as we know.

Finally, I am looking forward to seeing all our students return after a well-deserved rest after Easter on April 19th at 8.25 a.m..

Kind best wishes to you and all your family,
Yvonne Watkins




1 week ago
We are delighted to have been awarded Gold status by WSCC for our exceptional engagement in Youth Cabinet elections. Two of our students,
Katarina (Yr 9) and Kieran (Yr 8), were elected to represent Southbourne on the
West Sussex Youth Cabinet.
3 weeks ago
We are delighted to have received another generous donation of furniture from Business2Schools. This time, a large quantity of chairs to replace the worn ones in our IT suite.
Thank you to

#business2Schools #friendsofbourne

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