At Bourne Community College we recognize the importance of out of class study to consolidate our students learning and develop their skills as independent learners. All students are expected to participate in out of class learning either at home or in college through the morning, lunchtime and after college sessions homework clubs we run.

Key Stage 3 Homework

Subjects will set either;

Integrated Learning Tasks (ILT) – Half Termly projects designed to consolidate learning in the subject and encourage independent learning eg a topic study or project in RE
Specific Weekly Tasks – Each subject will set 1 homework per week designed to consolidate the current topic learning eg Learning additional vocabulary in MFL
They should spend approximately 30 minutes per subject.

Key Stage 4 Homework

Subjects will set either;
Subject Specific Homework Activities designed to consolidate the current topic learning
Expect students to continue with their subject coursework specific to the stage they have reached eg Progress current ICT Assignment
Revise for forthcoming module tests or full GCSE exams eg past papers or revision questions may be issued

Key Stage 4 students should plan their own homework workload but, as a guide, should spend at least 40 minutes per subject per week.

On-line learning may be set via
My Maths
SAM Learning
Moodle (college virtual learning environment) – students can access, and in some cases submit their out of class study via Moodle


Friday 15th July, Year 10 presented their speeches for their English Language GCSE. The day went smoothly with presentations ranging from Climate Change and Health, to Gun Crime and Gaming. It was really lovely to hear about things that interest our students.
Well done Year 10! https://t.co/s6u4DngVT7
On the 20th July, Bourne community college hosted sports day with explosive energy and lots of competitiveness. All students had an amazing time taking part in the different sporting activities the PE Department had organised. https://t.co/5sYaPvODU9

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