The proper place for students on a school day is at school.
At Bourne Community College we expect a high level of attendance and punctuality. 96% is recognised as being a good attendance and we expect everyone to aim for this.

If students are not in school there must be a justifiable reason and the Attendance Officer should be informed before 8.45am on the first day of absence. This can be done by phoning 01243 375691 and selecting option 5 or by emailing

Although it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their youngsters attend College, Bourne Community College will seek to support and maximise the attendance of its students.

We strive to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all students and endeavour to work with students and their families to ensure students attend regularly and are punctual to both school and lessons.

Parents/carers can help us:

  • Inform us of any absence by 8:45am at the latest, by telephoning the absence line or emailing. Please ensure that children return to school as soon as they can.
  • Encourage your children to attend a minimum of 96%.
  • Parents are able to monitor attendance themselves using the SIMs parent app.
  • Medical or dental appointments should always be made after school or in the school holidays when possible. If appointments are unavoidable during school hours, students should bring their official appointment card to school to show when requesting permission to leave school or when signing in.
  • Taking holidays in term time will affect a student’s schooling as much as any other absence and it is expected that parents help us by not taking students away in school time. Holidays will not be authorised in term time except in exceptional circumstances. Unauthorised absences will be referred to the Local Authority for Fixed Penalty Notices.
  • Do not take time off for shopping trips, family events (such as birthdays)
  • Encourage your children to develop resilience and a positive work ethic by not sanctioning absences for minor ailments.

Statistics show that pupils attending more than 95% of the year achieve GCSE results that are at least one grade higher than those that do not.
Under 90% attendance impacts results severely with statistics showing an average underachievement of 7.5 grades!

Missing school means missing out on so many things such as being with friends, experiencing new activities and learning new skills as well as impacting on future prospects.

At the Bourne Community College we therefore:

  • Regularly monitor attendance and contact parents about any concerns
  • Support children who are having difficulties which impact on their attendance by looking for the best person / organisation to support the child
  • Reward and celebrate good attendance
  • Refer students who have poor attendance to the Local Authorities
  • Monitor punctuality, as lateness is not acceptable and referrals may be made to the Local Authority if it becomes a problem.


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1 month ago
Bourne Community College has had some brand-new diverse art graphics installed across the school, linking to different curriculum areas. - all of which have been welcomed by staff and students alike.
1 month ago
We were immensely proud to hold a celebration for our 2020 Cohort of students who left us during the height of the pandemic in March 2020. We were delighted to see them at the Langstone Harbour Hotel. It was a wonderful evening and a delight to catch up with the students.

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