The Bourne Student Support Centre (BSSC)

The Bourne Student Support Centre opened in September 2012 at Bourne Community College and is part of the College provision.


The Centre has 16 places and is designed and resourced specifically for students with language and social communication needs requiring additional support and specialised interventions in order for them to develop socially, learn, work and enjoy the benefits of the College curriculum. These needs will have been identified by the Local Authority through an Education, Health and Care Plan (ECHP). Generally, students will join the College in year 7 from their primary schools at the end of Key Stage 2. Currently, there are 15 students benefitting from the additional provision and Personalised Intervention Programme.

Students will spend some of their time with other students in the main College where they will follow the same broad, balanced curriculum, differentiated and modified in pace, content and delivery. College staff are qualified to teach students who are at National Curriculum Level 2 and above on entry. Students are expected to do homework like all other students at Bourne Community College. There are high expectations that all of our students will achieve to their potential.

Other students at Bourne Community College benefit from the additional support and staff training that is provided as part of the Centre resourcing.


How we support the learning needs of young people at the Centre

The Centre currently is led by the Head of Centre, Assistant, 9 Inclusion Assistants (IAs) and an Office Administrator. It is anticipated that the number of staff will grow as the numbers of students using the Centre increases to 16.

The Centre has an outstanding transition programme for students joining the Centre. Parents, primary school staff, College staff, the Local Authority and supporting agencies are closely involved in transition to the College. As students reach Year 11 there is a programme to support the transition into the next stage of their education or training.  This obviously depends on the route that they decide to take.

Centre staff work together with other College staff to ensure that the students can access the
curriculum in the main school.

What one Year 7 student says about the College: “… lots of teachers help me to learn. It’s also very sporty and feels very safe”.



What we offer students at Bourne Student Support Centre:


In addition to all of the extra provision in the college we offer a structured targeted Personalised Intervention Programme and additional support which are delivered by our trained staff generally in small groups. Interventions/additional support includes:


  • Social communication skills
  • Number skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Emotional literacy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Life Skills
  • Language development
  • Occupational therapy programmes
  • Speech and Language programmes
  • Specialist software
  • Independence learning
  • Team Teach approach to behaviour management
  • Home/school diary
  • Keyboarding skills
  • Homework completion support



Additional resources available to our students:

In addition to college facilities and resources, the Centre offers:

  • Independent work stations
  • Kinect physical activities
  • ‘Chill out’ Sensory room
  • Quiet room
  • Vegetable garden area
  • Sensory Garden being developed
  • Social/dining area
  • 2 well equipped classrooms


Getting a place at Bourne Student Support Centre:

Entry to the Centre is decided by the Local Authority in consultation with the Headteacher and Governors at the College and interested parents/carers should contact their Local Authority in the first instance if they would like to seek a place for their child at the Centre.



Contact details:

01243 375691 (extension 271)
Direct line: 01243 386049


Head of Centre:

Mrs Cindy Kemp MA (Ed) BA (Ed) (Hons) Adv.Dip.SEN


Inclusion Assistants:

Mrs Kim Brown
Mrs Karen Diodovich
Mrs Louise Ireland
Mrs Nikki Paterson-Brown
Mrs Amy Rochez
Mrs Claire Stent
Miss Tina Stevens
Miss Paula Taylor
Mrs Jo Tweedle
Mr Paul Walmsley
Mrs Kerry Young


Admin Support:

Mrs Fabiola Knowles


1 week ago
We are delighted to have been awarded Gold status by WSCC for our exceptional engagement in Youth Cabinet elections. Two of our students,
Katarina (Yr 9) and Kieran (Yr 8), were elected to represent Southbourne on the
West Sussex Youth Cabinet.
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We are delighted to have received another generous donation of furniture from Business2Schools. This time, a large quantity of chairs to replace the worn ones in our IT suite.
Thank you to

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