Curriculum Intent

Science at Bourne Community College provides a broad curriculum which challenges students to develop their curiosity, enquiry skills, knowledge and understanding of science in everyday life.

Students are encouraged to articulate scientific concepts clearly and precisely.

Our curriculum delivers an accessible pathway for more advance science based study, providing a gateway into a wide range of career opportunities

Science vision

To empower all students with the skills and scientific knowledge to achieve their best outcome in a supportive and inspiring setting.


Within the Science department, we aim to guide the students through the various elements of the Science curriculum to provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills which is broad and balances across all 3 sciences. This enables the students to pursue their future goals in any direction they choose.

Our curriculum is designed to enrich students’ knowledge and passion for Science through understanding its impact and influence locally, nationally and globally. We use practical investigation and associated activities to engage students to make them excited and engaged about learning Science while also providing high quality teaching.

Whilst we focus and drive success during their time here, we also promote and support independent enquiry skills and the moral and social implications of Science, in order to develop our students holistically.

Learning Journey

Our learning journeys give a visual overview of the curriculum content covered in each subject. They will help you understand how students make progress in different topics over the years they are with us.

Biology Learning Journey

Chemistry Learning Journey

Physics Learning Journey


Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

The Activate course is designed to match the new Key Stage 3 programme of study and to help prepare students for success in their GCSEs. It has a flexible route of study with an engaging and contemporary approach to Science. Pupils will be actively involved in lessons incorporating practical’s, maths and literacy along with fun facts, quizzes and questions to engage students. In Year 7 students will study topics such as cells, structure and functions of body systems, reactions, particles and their behaviour, forces and space. In Year 8 students will study topics such as health and lifestyle, ecosystems, the Earth, the periodic table and energy.

Year 7 Year 8
Biology Cell Biology
Plant Biology
Human Biology
Healthy Lifestyle
Ecology and Evolution
Chemistry Particle Model of Matter
Chemical Changes
Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
The Earth and Resources
Physics Space
Sound and Light


Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

All students study Science at GCSE. All students study the AQA Separate Science GCSE course.

GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics will provide students with a broad and balanced understanding of all 3 sciences. It also provides students with great preparation for AS and A-level and allow students to excel in their strongest science subject/s.


Each of the Separate GCSE Science Subjects will have the following;

  • Two papers: each paper will assess different topics.
  • Duration: both papers are 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • Tiers: Foundation and Higher.
  • Weighting: the papers are equally weighted. Each is worth 50% of the grade and has 100 marks available.
  • Question types: multiple choice, structured, closed short answer and open response.

Key Words

We aim to support students in their literacy across all curriculum subjects. We provide key word lists as a teaching and learning tool to support student understanding of the technical vocabulary needed to articulate their learning about a particular subject.

Year 7 Science Key Words

Year 8 Science Key Words

GCSE Biology Key Words

GCSE Chemistry Key Words

GCSE Physics Key Words

Trips and Extra-Curricular Activities

We run a variety of different trips during the year- ranging from STEAM focused trips to local Universities, a forces focused trip to Paulton’s Park for Year 7 students, a Space and Engineering focused trip to to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium and an Ecology focused trip to Marwell Zoo for Year 8 students. The dates of these vary every year, and new opportunities to enrich the students learning come up all of the time. We will endeavour to provide these activities for the students whenever possible.


Miss J Church BSc (Hons) – Curriculum Leader of Science
Mrs T Midwinter (BSc (Hons) – Assistant Leader in Science and Lead Practitioner
Mr N Griggs BSc (Hons) – Teacher of Science
Mr T Ratcliffe BSc (Hons) – Teacher of Science
Mr A Clarke BSc (Hons) – Teacher of Science
Mr I Salisbury BEng & MSC – Teacher of Science
Miss N Freeman BSc (Hons) – Teacher of Science
Mr C Colley BSc (Hons) – Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Science
Mrs J V Walt BSc (Hons) – Teacher of Science
Mrs C Gamble BSc (Hons) – Teacher of Science
Ms M Perry – Senior Science Technician & STEAM Activity Co-ordinator


Links to Revision and Additional Study

Science revision guides can be purchased from the science department for a total cost of £20.

GCSE Specifications –


Our Mission

To ensure every student achieves great outcomes to flourish and be successful
To have high expectations of all staff and students
To respect those in our community locally, nationally and internationally

Our Vision

To be the school of choice and the Learning Hub for the locality

Our Values

Our values respect the charter of the UNICEF rights of the Child and our Bourne ID mirrors this. We gained GOLD status as a rights respecting School and are building on this great achievement


History Battlefield Trip
Students had an amazing time as we visited: Ypres in Belgium, Bayernwald German trench system, Railway dugouts burial ground, Hill 60, Langemarck German Cemetery, Tyne Cot Commonwealth Cemetery, then to accommodation, Messiness Peace Village for some R&R.
Year 7 Geography students enjoying the sunshine
whilst working hard on their fieldwork projects.

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