The philosophy of the Music Department here at Bourne Community College, guided by the National Curriculum, is to nurture and develop music performance skills to an exceptional standard for all of our students from the beginning of Year 7 right the way through to GCSE level.

Within the classroom, students are encouraged to perform together using a variety of melodic, chordal, pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments such as voice, ukuleles, xylophones, keyboards, guitars and drums. Students who choose to have weekly instrumental lessons naturally are encouraged to integrate these instrumental skills into the classroom lessons.

Music theory is inherent within all practical performances and through practical performance, students learn to understand the relationship each of the musical disciplines have with one another.

Key Stage 3

All students receive one 60 minute lesson per week.

There are three large practical projects per academic year; September-December, January-March and April-July. Each has at its core, whole class ensemble performance skills and each is led by the Subject Leader for Music.

Performance opportunities include a Christmas Concert, a Summer Concert and a variety of live performances throughout the year.

Key Stage 4

Music GCSE is a thorough and challenging undertaking. Students receive six lessons per fortnight.

We currently follow the AQA Music syllabus. Features of this are Four Set Works, which this year include:

  1. A Symphony by Joseph Haydn
  2. Three songs from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles
  3. A song by Carlos Santana
  4. An orchestral work by Aaron Copland

In addition students are required to submit two compositions; one free; one set by the examination board. Students are also expected to submit two performances; one solo performance; one ensemble performance.

The Music Department at Bourne Community College has excellent links with the Music Departments at local colleges; Chichester College and Southdown College, Brighton Institute of Modern Music [BIMM] and the Music Department at the University of Chichester. Each offers our students outstanding post-16 opportunities for further music studies.

Instrumental Lessons

Currently we have over 150 students choosing weekly instrumental lessons here at Bourne Community College. This figure has risen by 350% since September 2016 and is still rising. All students are given the opportunity to have weekly instrumental lessons with our team of professional tutors on an instrument or instruments of their choice. Our tutors are local, independent, highly skilled and active musicians offering tuition on Brass, Guitar/Bass, Drums, Piano, Strings, Woodwind and Voice.

We do not use tutors from any Music Service. Instead, our tutors are committed to working directly with the Head of Music in ensuring all lessons are tailored to the individual needs of our students and not restrained by any prescriptive programmes of study or bureaucracy.


Miss. E. Phillips (Sept to Dec)
Mrs D. Scott – Subject Leader of Music (Jan 2020)
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