Curriculum Intent

In our ever-changing world, being able to communicate in a foreign language is an open door to exciting opportunities. We aim to equip our students with greater knowledge and understanding of the larger world in which they live, communicate and work, and help them become global citizens of the future


Our aim in the MFL department is to ensure that every student we teach has an enjoyable and enriching experience. We want our students to confidently improve their linguistic skills and competencies and to feel able to communicate in at least one Modern Foreign Language.

A rich curriculum, which is driven by inspiring teaching and cultural experiences, has been embedded. Teaching focuses on the active use of key structures, which are embedded through repetition and retrieval.

Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum for Languages.

Learning Journey

Our learning journeys give a visual overview of the curriculum content covered in each subject. They will help you understand how students make progress in different topics over the years they are with us.

MFL Learning Journey

Key Stage Three Overview

At KS3 students have the opportunity to study either French or Spanish. We believe that studying one language thoroughly will equip our students with the skills and confidence they require to use this language in a variety of situations.

After an introduction on the importance of learning foreign languages, as well as cultural knowledge related to the language and countries who use it, we cover the National Curriculum using a creative and cross-curricular approach that includes studying the following topics:


In Year 7, we cover a range of topics in which students learn to speak confidently about themselves, their lives and the world around them. In year 8, we further these skills, covering topics such as Free Time and Lifestyle. In Year 9, we prepare students for the GCSE level courses, covering topics such as holidays and hobbies.


In Year 7, we cover a range of topics in which students learn to introduce themselves and greet others confidently. They talk about family, their home and local area. In year 8, we move on to hobbies and going out. In year 9, we prepare students for the GCSE level course, covering topics such as fashion and learning about the Spanish-speaking world.

Key Stage Four Overview

French and Spanish are optional subjects and very popular with our students and our results are above the national average. We follow the new AQA GCSE course. Please have a look at our presentation on studying languages at GCSE:

Why study languages at GCSE

Topics covered over the two years include:

Identity and culture: Me, my family and friends; marriage and relationships; technology in everyday life; free-time activities; Customs and festivals.

Local, national, international and global areas of interest: Home, town, neighbourhood and region; social issues; global issues; travel and tourism.

Current and future: My studies; life at school/college; education post-16; jobs, career choice and ambitions.

Students are tested on all four skill areas and this takes place at the end of Year 11.

There are four exams in all:

  • Reading (25%)
  • Listening (25%)
  • Speaking (25%)
  • Writing (25%)

Students are entered for either foundation or higher tier.

Key Words

We aim to support students in their literacy across all curriculum subjects. We provide key word lists as a teaching and learning tool to support student understanding of the technical vocabulary needed to articulate their learning about a particular subject.

MFL Key Words

French Literacy Knowledge Organiser

Spanish Literacy Knowledge Organiser

Trips and Extra-Curricular Activities

We pride ourselves by offering all our students the opportunity go to the country of the language they are studying at least once whilst at the Bourne, either on a residential or a day trip. We also have very close links to schools in France and Spain and students in Years 7 to 9 have the opportunity to participate in our pen pal programme. Here are some examples of what the MFL department can offer your child:

  • Day trips to France each December (Lille‚Äôs Christmas market and Boulogne).
  • Residential trips to France (Paris) and Spain (Avila).
  • Pen-pal programme where students communicate with a French or Spanish student from our partner schools.
  • Plays in Spanish and French at the school.
  • Cooking French and Spanish specialities (Year 7).
  • Video sessions with our partner schools in France and Spain.
  • Welcoming visitors from our link schools in Germany, Holland, France and Spain who visit us throughout the year.
  • International Days to celebrate the diversity of languages and cultures


Mrs A-L Riedmuller – Curriculum Leader and teacher of French and Spanish.

Mrs C Salisbury – Teacher of French and Spanish

Miss T Patrascu – Teacher of Spanish and French

Mr D Etienne- Teacher of French and Spanish

Links to Useful Revision and Additional Study


Our Mission

To ensure every student achieves great outcomes to flourish and be successful
To have high expectations of all staff and students
To respect those in our community locally, nationally and internationally

Our Vision

To be the school of choice and the Learning Hub for the locality

Our Values

Our values respect the charter of the UNICEF rights of the Child and our Bourne ID mirrors this. We gained GOLD status as a rights respecting School and are building on this great achievement


Year 7 Geography students enjoying the sunshine
whilst working hard on their fieldwork projects.
Tassomai is a Year 11 intervention programme that students have been working on this year to aid their progress in Maths, English and Science. The students worked amazingly and used the APP to complete quizzes.

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