We are a team of highly qualified specialist Maths Teachers, totally committed and approachable teachers, leading students through a robust curriculum that will ensure your child has every opportunity to achieve their potential. We encourage our students to think and to solve problems independently giving them tools for life.


The Maths Department wants every pupil to fulfil their mathematical potential during their journey through Bourne Community College. Our aim is for our students to become confident learners who enjoy their mathematics and feel like mathematicians.

KS3 Curriculum

The Maths Department follows the National Curriculum:

  • Algebra (patterns, sequences and equations etc.,)
  • Number (arithmetic, mental maths etc.,)
  • Ratio and Proportion (fractions, percentages etc.,)
  • Shape and Space (angles, polygons and constructions etc.,)
  • Data handling (averages, charts and probability etc.)

Our students are, however, encouraged to make connections between all areas and to see mathematics as a tool to describe, then find solutions to problems. A scheme of work designed for pace and rigour is used to ensure that the pupils at Bourne receive the most balanced and challenging curriculum. We aim for lessons incorporating mental Maths and opportunities for using and applying Maths, with a frequent focus on problem solving. Regular assessment points allow our students the opportunity to revise, a skill which is explicitly taught.

Homework is set every week and is mandatory. We have dedicated maths homework clubs at lunch (Mon, Tues, Wed) and after school (Thurs) when students can access specialist support should they need it.

KS4 Curriculum

The KS4 programme covers the same broad areas as KS3, taking understanding to a deeper and sometimes more functional level. Students are taught to develop their knowledge until it is secure and then pushed on to master those topics, enabling to reach for the highest grade they are capable of.

We subscribe to an online textbook, which enables students and parents to view the books that the students use in class and includes links to worked examples and on-line tutorials. This can be accessed through Kerboodle for which students have a password.

There are frequent assessments which students are encouraged to revise for. This ensures that skills are secure before moving on in the syllabus.

Homework is set every week and supported as for KS3.


All students are entered for maths GCSE at either foundation or higher level. Foundation allows grades 1 to 5, and higher 4 to 9.

We prepare our students for the Linear AQA GCSE (8300 series), which they sit in year 11. It is assessed through three terminal exams.

In addition to Maths GCSE, more able mathematicians will be given an opportunity to sit an additional GCSE in statistics. Some students in year 11 commit to extra-curricular lessons to follow the OCR additional maths programme, a great stepping-stone to post 16 Alevel maths.

Trips & Activities

We give our students a range of experiences to develop their problem solving skills and an understanding of how maths applies to the world of work. These can be in the form of activity days or STEM trips out. Activities vary from year to year but include:

  • Programming robots for a simulated earthquake environment
  • Probability at the Casino
  • Farnborough Airshow (biannual).


Mr J Cariou BEng (Hons) MSc – Leader of Maths
Mrs V Smith BA – Assistant Leader of Maths
Mr E Simpson BSc (Hons) – Assistant Leader of Maths
Mrs E Meagher MSc – Teacher of Maths
Mr J Scott BA (Hons) Teacher of Maths


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