Through problem solving and technological activities, the students will build up their skills and confidence to enable them to approach a man-made world as active participants in future developments whilst showing care and sensitivity for the environment, guided by the National Curriculum. Key Stage 3 targets will be set at the start of each year.

A teacher assessment of performance will be made at the end of each year, with a final KS3 level provided in the summer term of Year 9.

Design Technology


Design Technology looks at the process of creating a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. A very broad concept, it is essentially the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.

Key Stage 3


  • Introduction of what Design Technology is, through practical based products.
  • Design and make products, such as a mobile phone holder (plastics) and desk tidy (wood) for themselves or family members.
  • Look at Health and Safety in practical environment and use of commercial equipment, such as the laser cutter and sewing machines.


  • Develop the products we design and make, looking at commercial aspects to the designs, making products for someone else.
  • Design and make products which can be produced in a batch, such as a money box, picture frames.
  • Look at developing the whole product, looking at how designs alter it, so that the product can be easily manufactured in bulk.


  • Through designing and making, the focus is on systems which control the manufacture of products, looking at how products are mass produced and developed for the commercial world.
  • Design and make products which can be mass produced, such as a tea light holder and a clock based on a theme. In textiles, we make a letter cushion and fabric bag based on a cultural theme/material.
  • Look at developing the whole product, including the packaging and marketing, so that it could be placed on a shelf in a shop.

Key Stage 4

(This is an optional subject at KS4)


  • Skills and understanding of metal / wood / plastic / paper / card.
  • Introduction to CAD / CAM.
  • Mini Project based on flight / a child’s toy / speaker unit
  • Industrial practices in a project.


  • Planning and construction for major project.
  • Major project – based on pupils’ own work around set tasks by the exam board.
  • Revision work, practical and theory for exam.

Clubs & Activities

Within the area we offer a number of after school activities:

  • STEAM club – in conjunction with the Green car project – Thursdays.
  • Key Stage 3 club – used to complete work – Tuesdays after school.
  • Key Stage 4 club – used by Year 11’s to complete coursework – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays after school.


Mr C Glover BEd (Hons) – Leader of Design Technology

Miss K Donovan – Teacher of Art & Design Technology

Mrs S Bell – Teacher of Design Technology

Mrs J Inglis – Design Technology Technician

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