Staff List

Mrs Yvonne Watkins (YW) BA (Hons)
Mr Ryan Acquah (RA) BA (Hons)Leader of
Miss Kim Brown (KB) BA (Hons)English (Monday and Tuesdays)
Mr Mark Burns (MBu) BSc (Hons)Literacy & Numeracy
Mr Jacques Cariou (JC) BEng (Hons), MScExtended Leadership & Leader of
Mr Mark Carter (MC) BEng (Hons)Extended Leadership & ICT/Business, Leader of Year
Miss Jo Church (JCh) BSc (Hons)Leader of
Mr Andy Clarke (ANC)English (maternity cover)
Mr Tony Clarke (AC) BSc (Hons)Science (Not Mondays)
Mrs Charlie Cluff (CCl) BA (Hons)Art &
Mr Charlie Colley (CC) BSc (Hons)Assistant Headteacher, Science
Miss Kelly Donovan (KD)Teacher of Art &
Mr Dene Ellis (DE) BA (Hons)Extended Leadership & ICT, Outdoor
Mrs Eva Ellman-Brown (EEB) BD (Hons)English (Tuesdays & Wednesdays) Maternity
Mrs Susie Evans (SP) BA (Hons)Leader of English & Media (maternity leave)
Mrs Yve Febvre (YF) MEd BEdSEN
Mrs Clare Gamble (CGa) BSc (Hons)
Mr Chris Glover (CG) BEd (Hons)Leader of Design Technology/Product
Mr Nathan Griggs (NG) BSc (Hons)Science (ICT & Assessment Co-ordinator) Leader of Yr
Mrs Catherine Hall (CH) MA, BEdExtended Leadership & Asst Leader of Design Tech/Food
Mrs Alice Hardwick (AH) BA (Hons)Assistant
Mr Phil Harper (PH) BA (Hons)Leader of RE, i/c Student Voice & Student
Miss Lou Harris (LHa), BA (Hons)PE & Leader of Yr
Mr Geraint Hughes (GH) BA (Hons)
Mrs Haley Hughes (HH)English (Tues/Weds/Thurs & Friday)
Mrs Rachel James (RD) MA (Ed), BA (Hons) Leader of Humanities,
Mrs Helena Jewer (HJ) BA (Hons)KS4 Co-ordinator, Personal Development Leader of Yr
Mrs Cindy Kemp (CK) MA (Ed) BA (Ed) (Hons)Head of
Mr James Kimber (JK) BSc (Hons)Leader of Yr
Mrs Diane McGarry (DM) BA (Hons)Leader of
Mr Chris McGeever (CMG)Leader of
Mrs Estelle Meagher (EM)
Mrs Tanya Midwinter (TM) BSc (Hons)Asst Leader of Science & Lead for Assessment for
Mrs Jess Moore (JM) BA (Hons)
Mrs Janet Murray-Brown (JMB) BEdAssistant Headteacher, EVC, Outdoor
Mr James Paige (JP) MA, BA (Hons)Assistant Leader of
Ms Teona Patrascu (TP) MA LanguagesTeacher of
Mr Tim Ratcliffe (TR)
Mrs Anne-Lise Riedmuller (AR) BALeader of Modern Foreign
Mr Jon Robbins (JR) BA HonsLeader of
Mrs Caroline Salisbury (CS) BA (Hons)Modern Foreign Languages (Mon,Thurs & Fri)
Mr Ian Salisbury (IS) BEng (Hons)
Mr Joe Scott (JJS) BA (Hons)
Mr Eoin Simpson (ES) BSc (Hons)Assistant Leader of
Mrs Vicky Smith (VS) BA (Hons)Assistant Leader of
Mrs Julie Van Walt (JVW) BSc (Hons)
Miss Jo Ward (JW) BA (Hons)
Mrs Fiona MenziesHeadteacher's PA
Mr Patrick Moore MCMIBusiness Manager, Health and Safety Officer
Mrs Ann BarnwellFinance Assistant
Ms Nikki ConstableThink Family Link Worker
Mrs Emma FarleySchool Library Manager
Mrs Claire RaineyClerk to Governors
Mrs Lin FerronReprographics & Marketing Manager
Miss Megan DavisReprographics (mornings)
Mrs Lynn HockinExams Officer, Administration
Mrs Lorraine JeromeReceptionist, Administration
Miss Bailie JohnsonRE with PH
Mrs Fabiola KnowlesTeam Leader BSSC (not Weds)
Mrs Joanna EastmanClerical for BSSC & SEN
Mr Shaun MiddletonData & Network Manager
Mrs Carla GilbertICT Support Technician
Mrs Sam VincentAttendance Officer 9.30-2.30
Miss Chyne KerbyTechnician Food
Mrs Jane InglisTechnician D & T
Mrs Heather KnightLab Technician, Science; LSA
Ms Maz PerrySenior Lab Technician, Science
Ms Paula WoodTechnician Art
Mrs Sarah WhitlockStudent Manager Year 9
Mrs Sharon HudsonStudent Manager Years 7 and 8
Mrs Rachel TibbettsStudent Manager Years 10 and 11
Mrs Sharron BellSenior Cover Supervisor
Mrs Kirsty DaviesCover Supervisor (Weds,Thurs & Friday)
Mrs Stephanie SmithCover Supervisor/Supply Teacher
Mrs Esther Ellis
Mrs Toni BradshawLearning Support Assistant
Mrs Catherine CormierLearning Support Assistant
Miss Paige CowtanLearning Support Assistant
Mrs Susannah GreenwoodLearning Support Assistant
Mrs Natasha HawkinsLearning Support Assistant
Miss Abi HurdLearning Support Assistant (Mon/Tues/Thurs)
Miss Jessica OwenLearning Support Assistant & Pupil Premium LSA
Miss Isabel RobinsonLearning Support Assistant
Mrs Kate ShimellLearning Support Assistant
Mrs Naomi StapletonLearning Support Assistant
Mrs Helen SmithLearning Support Assistant
Mrs Karen DiodovichLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mrs Louise IrelandLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mrs Pat OlliverLearning Support Assistant BSSC (Weds/Thurs/Fri)
Mrs Alex MullenLearning Support Assistant & ELSA BSSC
Mrs Nikki Paterson-BrownLearning Support Assistant BSSC (Mon/Tues/Weds)
Mrs Amy RochezLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mr Peter RogersLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mrs Clare StentLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mrs Paula TaylorLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mr Paul WadeLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mr Paul WalmselyLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mrs Kerry YoungLearning Support Assistant BSSC
Mr Dave BoothSite Manager
Mr Paul JohnsonAssistant Site Manager
Ms Deelle TeeAssistant Site Manager
Mr Martin GouldAssistant Site Manager
Mrs Caroline BoothCleaning Staff
Mrs Carol DiamondCleaning Staff
Mrs Anne SkittrallCleaning Staff
Miss Sam SkittrallCleaning Staff
Miss Juliette TimmsCleaning Staff
Mrs Edna WhitingCleaning Staff
Miss Chyne KerbyCleaning Staff
Miss Liz ChristianCatering Manager
Mrs Carol KendallKitchen Assistant
Mrs Mary OffordKitchen Assistant
Mrs Lorraine HoskinsKitchen Assistant
Mrs Samantha ReynoldsKitchen Assistant
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