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On October 18th, I travelled up to London to deliver a petition to number 10 Downing Street, it was an awesome adventure!

Before I knew it, I had got to the big, black, looming gates at the entrance of Downing Street. By then I was shaking, I was in such an important place! There were news reporters all around the place. I ended up being interviewed by BBC south! After I had stopped shaking, we made our way to 10 Downing Street. We past the security guards, and the actual security! I could see the black building and the well-known door of number 10 where we gave in our petition.


Here I am at the famous door!



I thought I should explain what this petition actually is. So London, and many more places get funded approximately £8500 per student, and West Sussex only receive £4000 per student.


We are no less than them, and many schools are having to be shut down, or fewer subjects being offered in K.S4 . £4000 may sound like a lot for each student, but it really is not, we deserve equal rights.

We are not WORTH LESS!

All we want is funding to be fair. So we delivered our petition to the PM , Theresa May hoping that things will be better, and that most of the schools in the area will be able to stay open and offer everything that all the other schools in the country.


Alice Coe Year 8, Bourne Community College.



BBC South East News Report



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