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Dear Parent/Carer


As you will know the Governors of the Bourne are responsible for ensuring that the students receive the best possible education from government funds, through the leadership of the Headteacher, Mr Liley and his team. We spend a great deal of time reviewing the quality of teaching and learning, and are well pleased with the progress which is being made.
Another aspect of school life which concerns us, is the general well-being of the students. There is no doubt that happy students will learn more readily than those who are not. Happiness arrives with us all, for a variety of reasons, one of which is surely the satisfaction of being well fed. At the Bourne our caterers do all they can to satisfy the students’ varying desires for this inner satisfaction, and we accept that you cannot tell someone to like what they are given to eat. All of us typically eat what we like, and the students of the Bourne are no exception.

In order to ensure that we provide the students with what they say they like, we have a College Catering Committee made up of Students, Staff and Governors, which meets once a term. A particular concern the committee has is that only about a fifth of the students take the excellent full two-course lunch which is prepared each day. The remainder consume packed lunches, sandwiches, and other snack foods. There is no doubt that the nutritional value of the full lunch meals, dictated by government, is greater than most of the snack foods, so it would surely be an overall benefit for student health if we could improve the uptake.

We appreciate that cost is a significant factor for families and to this end we have recently run an experiment for a week, reducing the price of the full lunch meal, to see if the uptake could be improved. It was, by at least one hundred percent. As a result the Catering Committee has recommended that the price of the full lunch should be reduced to £2.00, with effect from 20 October 2014. This reduction is not as much as that of the experiment. However with a whole college take-up it would still mean a necessary subsidy of £750 a week from College funds.

May we encourage you to persuade your children to take the full lunch option. There is no doubt that they will benefit from doing so. We will also welcome visits from parents to sample the full lunch, given a day’s notice. Eating well can truly help to make us all happy!

Yours sincerely

John Southgate
Chair of Governors

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