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Bourne Community College Students steal the show in “Tomorrow will be too late”.



Eight of our talented students stole the show in June at the specially commissioned play, staged as part of the 70th D-Day anniversary commemorations.  The play, written by Lucy Flannery and Julian  Sluggett , entitled “Tomorrow will be too late “was an overwhelming success;  recounting the lives of the people of Emsworth during the months leading up to the D-Day landings of 6 June 1944, with much of the material drawn from local accounts and historians.

Our students – Eleanor Hawnt (Year 10), Victoria Hawes (Year 10), Bea Brewster (Year 10), Tadeus Harrison (Year 7), Joe Drinkwater (Year 7), Reuben James (Year 10), Jack Sweet (Year 10) – were highly praised by fellow actors and the writers themselves;


They were the stars of the play brilliantly portraying the young people of the era, eloquently reflecting the thoughts and fears during a time of uncertainty”.

“It truly was an incredible experience and I loved every second of it: from dancing to the band playing, right to the actual performance. The rest of the cast were unbelievably nice and it was fantastic working with all of them… It was such a pleasure to do this for our town and hope I can do more performances like this in the future.”

Eleanor Hawnt Year 10

“It was one of the best experiences of my life and I also hope another opportunity will come my way very soon. I couldn’t have been happier than when I was chosen to take part.”

Joe Drinkwater Yr 7

A big thanks also to Jill Street, our Subject Leader for Performing Arts, for selecting our students for the audition and her contribution towards the students’ involvement.



Mrs Watkins

Deputy Headteacher

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