Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Introduction to Curriculum Area:

Our aim is to enable our students to confidently improve their linguistic skills and competencies and thereby to master either French or Spanish.
We want to equip our students with greater knowledge and understanding of the larger world in which they live, communicate and work and to become global citizens of the future.


Mrs A-L Riedmuller BA Hons Leader of MFL
Mrs Caroline Salisbury BA Hons Teacher of French and Spanish
Miss Tea Patrascu BA Hons Teacher of French and Spanish
Ms Catherine Cormier BA Hons Inclusion Teaching Assistant


KS3 Topics:


Year 7: Harry Potter (me, family and friends, numbers, days, months…); talking about your free time and hobbies; school; food
Year 8: Trips and Holidays; Going Out; Parkour; Music.
Year 9: All about me; Francophonia; Paris; The Future; Young People and their rights; Film Study (Neuilly sa mere).


Year 7: Me, My Family and Friends; School; My home; free time; Food and Drink
Year 8: Celebrities and people from Abroad; Going out; Holidays; Meals and Eating Out; Clothes and Fashion; My town and Barcelona project.
Year 9: Modern Media and technology including films and tv; School life; Health and Illness; Pocket Money and Part-time jobs; The Future; Spanish speaking countries; Voces inocentes – a film study.

Pupils practise role plays and learn the skills of translation as well as producing presentations, Every Half Term pupils are assessed in at least one of the four skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. These assessments takes the format of new GCSE papers.

KS4 Topics:

French and Spanish are optional subjects in KS4.

In French and Spanish we follow the AQA GCSE Course.

Topics studied over the two year course include:

  • Friends, Family and Relationships; Modern Technology; Free time activities;
  • Customs and Festivals; Life in Spain; Home Town, Neighbourhood and Region;
  • The Environment; Charity and Voluntary Work; Healthy and Unhealthy Living;
  • Poverty and Homelessness; Regions of Spain;
  • School and School Life; University, World of Work, Career Choices.

The GCSE exam has 4 elements and pupils sit terminal exams in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing each worth 25%.

Throughout the course pupils are assessed at half-termly intervals and complete assessments in one or two skills.

Trips and Activities:

We pride ourselves by offering all our students the opportunity to go to the country of the language they are studying at least once whilst at The Bourne, either on an day trip or a residential trip to France and Spain. Other regular trips and links are also well-established.

We have links with several schools in France and Spain. Pupils from our link schools in Germany, France, Spain and Holland regularly visit The Bourne.

We celebrate the European Day of Languages in September; visit a Christmas Market in Lille in December; celebrate Chinese New Year in January/February and visit Avila in Spain in June.

In addition, pupils in KS4 participate in special French and Spanish immersion days which are held once a year.

We also have a thriving pen-pal link with a school in France and Spain.

We offer after school language clubs. In 2017 we were able to offer an Italian lunch-time club.

Our most able students are given the opportunity to attend special events held at Chichester or Portsmouth University.



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