Curriculum Area for ICT

KS3 ICT is taught during 1 hour lesson a week and follows a half termly modular structure. Each of the modules described below are relevant to skills used across the curriculum and in the world of ICT.

At KS4 ICT is now delivered as an optional subject. The syllabus followed will be Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Information and Communication Technology.

The course is assessed wholly through course work and does not have a final exam. The modules which we have chosen to follow are:

  • Unit 1: Communicating in the IT Industry.
  • Unit 16: Database systems
  • Unit 17: Website Development
  • Unit 27: Spreadsheet Modelling


Key Stage 3 Topics Studied (Years 7 – 9)

Year 7

  • Models: Rules and Investigations
  • Information and Presentation
  • Data: Designing Structure, Capturing and Presenting Data
  • Input, Process and Output
  • Processing Text and Images

Year 8

  • Public Information System – Data Logging
  • Youthwing Members Database
  • Data Use and Misuse
  • School Trip Modeling Exercise
  • Controversial Issues
  • Publishing on the Web

Year 9

  • Systems Integration Applications to find Solutions
  • Dreamweaver
  • Global Communication
  • Control Systems (scratch)

Key Stage targets will be set at the start of each year. A teacher assessment of performance will be made at the end of each year, with a final KS3 level attained provided.


ICT Across the Curriculum

The College has invested heavily in its ICT infrastructure.

There are 5 well equipped ICT suites where students use the skills gained in discrete lessons to improve their knowledge and understanding in other subject areas.


Email Accounts and Internet Access

When arriving at Bourne Community College, an email account is generated automatically for each student. Students must adhere to a responsible ICT Use policy, which helps to protect students, staff and the school by clearly stating what use of the computer resources is acceptable and what is not.


G & T Opportunities

The ICT Department have developed the green car using CAD design and several Year 9 able students are working towards the regional heats in June.


Bourne Learning Portal

The Learning Portal is an access point for students to find all the resources they need to be able to work at home and at school and at any time. Departments each have their own section of the Bourne Community College Learning Portal.



Mr D Ellis BA (Hons) – Curriculum Leader (ICTAC) and teacher of ICT
Mr M Carter BEng – Leader of Year 9 and teacher of ICT / Business studies



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