Curriculum Area for Technology


Mr C Glover BEd (Hons) – Leader of Design Technology
Mrs C Hall BEd, MA (Ed) – Assistant Leader of Design Technology and teacher of Food Technology
Miss K Donovan – teacher of Design Technology

Through problem solving and technological activities the students will build up their skills and confidence to enable them to approach a manmade world as active participants in future developments whilst showing care and sensitivity for the environment. Key Stage 3 targets will be set at the start of each year. A teacher assessment of performance will be made at the end of each year, with a final KS3 level attained provided in the summer term of Year 9.

Key Stage 3 Topics Studied (Years 7 – 9)


Graphics is a creative use of image and type that communicates, persuades and presents ideas in an uniquely inspirational way, with clarity and economy of means.
Year 7Year 8Year9
Where food comes fromFactors that affect food choice, food availability and food wasteConsideration of consumer issues, food and its functions and new technologies in food
How to cook a range of dishes safely and hygienicallyExtending food preparation and cooking techniques, safely and with good application of food hygiene rulesCooking a range of dishes safely and hygienically
Developing and applying a knowledge of healthy eatingDeveloping an understanding of the role of key nutrients in the dietApplying nutritional knowledge when planning and making

Food Technology

Food technology is a branch of food science which deals with the actual production processes to make foods.
Year 7Year 8Year 9
Basic food hygene and safetyDeveloping practical skillsHomemade v. convenience practical comparisons
Healthy eating-eat well plateDesigning and making products for a target market
Range of practical skillsDesigning and making products for occasions.

Key Stage 4 Topics Studied

Food Technology

(This is an optional subject at KS4)
Year 10Year 11
Preparing to cookExploring balanced diets
Understanding foodPlanning and producing dishes in response to a brief

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KS4 : catch up and extra revision sessions take place on Monday after school in M23


Other information

All homework is entered on Go4Schools.  In KS3 homework is set once a week, usually to bring ingredients for the next practical and occasionally to research or evaluate a particular product. In KS4 there will be two homework tasks each week, one to bring ingredients and a second task linked to an aspect of portfolio work.


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Product Design

(This is an optional subject at KS4)
Year 10Year 11
Skills and understanding of metal / wood / plastic / paper / cardPlanning and construction for major project
Introduction to CAD / CAMMajor project - based on pupils own work around set tasks by the exam board
Mini Project based on display / storage
Industrial practices in a projectRevision work, practical and theory for exam
Controlled assessment: 60%
Exam: 40%
Product design board: AQA


Within the area we offer a number of after school activities

  • STEM club – in conjunction with the Green car project, we offer a club on Thursday.
  • Key Stage 3 club – used to complete work, this will run on a Tuesday night
  • Key Stage 4 club – used by Year 11’s to complete coursework, they are able to work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

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All homework is set through Go4Schools – In key stage 3 it is once a week and in Key stage 4 it is the same, however with design assignments they may need to work on them over a few nights at key times.


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