Curriculum Area for Dance

Key Stage 3 Topics Studied (Years 7 – 9)

Year 7

Technique skills for control eg: strength, stretch and coordination. Emphasis is on warming up each body part, posture and poise.
Body Actions and Expressive use of actions eg travelling, jumping, falling, turning and gesture. Joining actions (rise and fall, open and close, advance and retreat).
Parts of the body and how they move including use of varying speed and rhythm.
Creative dance work. Short motifs incorporating combinations of time, space and flow.
Personal performance with a partner and group work.

Year 8

Technique and Year 7.
Body actions—symmetry / asymmetry, simultaneous and successive movements, rhythm.
Body shapes, eg wall, ball, pin, twist.
Space levels, pathways
Solo, duo and group work.

Year 9

Technique as Year 7
Body actions quality of movement in time, weight, space and flow. Extension / contradiction , balance / counterbalance.
Space directions and patterns. Planes dimensional cross.
Relationships and use of various stimuli
Motif development and composition.

Key Stage 4 Topics Studied
(An optional subject at Key Stage 4)

Dance GCSE
The aim of this course is to develop the candidate’s knowledge, understanding and skills of dance through performance, composition and appreciation of each candidate’s own works and those of others.

The course consists of a mixture of practical and theory lessons. During the practical lessons, students develop a range of dance movements and experiment with varying choreographic techniques, giving them the knowledge to create their own dances, solo, duo and group compositions, for assessment.
Theory lessons involve discussion of the history of dance, watching dance performances, both live and video, students are assessed through project work culminating in a written dance exam. Students are currently assessed on Performance (20%), Set Study (20%), Composition Solo and Group (40%) and a written paper (20%).

For more information, contact the Academic Board websites. Dance: PE:

Performing Arts GCSE
This course is run alongside the GCSE Dance Course.
40% Showcase performance
60% Portfolio evidence
Academic board:Performing Arts

Regular theatre visits to:
Chichester Festival Theatre
Royal Opera House
New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth
G & T Opportunities
Dance competition
Evening of Dance
Talent Shows
Musical Productions
Dance time
2 x GCSE’s in Performing Arts and Dance

Mrs J Street MA Director of Learning Performing Arts Dance
Jill Street is responsible for all Bourne Community College performances, incorporating dance, drama and music.

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